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May 10, 2010

Cans or Glass? Which is Greener?

My dad drank beer from a can just about every day, but most craft beer drinkers laugh at the lowly can, considering it a container for cheap beer only. Today, cans in the craft beer industry are gaining acceptance rapidly. As more brewers start putting better beer in cans the demand for canned craft beers seems to be increasing. The beer can is making a comeback and stands tall as a champion of environmental concerns.

This isn’t your father’s beer can we’re talking about. My father drank cheap beer, anyway.

The arguments in favor of cans are several:

  • Beer is better protected in cans away from damaging light that glass may not stop,
  • Cans are easier to ship and carry as they are not nearly so heavy as bottles,
  • Cans can be taken to the beach, golf course or into venues that don’t allow bottles, and
  • Cans are more environmentally friendly than bottles.

But are cans really better for the environment than bottles? Opinion is split and the facts confusing.



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