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June 2, 2010

Show Me Your ABV’s

Breweries are reaching entirely new levels of sophistication. How can I tell? Because instead of advertising their products with women tearing their clothes off arguing over whether a beer is “less filling” or “tastes great” they’re competing to see who can brew the beer with the highest alcohol content. Sort of a “mine is bigger than yours” competition. Much more of mature, sophisticated approach to the business, wouldn’t you say?

Me neither.

Whose is bigger? Just a couple of days ago I learned from our friends at that Schorschbrau Brewing of Germany had beat out Scotland’s Brewdog Brewing for the current high alcohol by volume (abv) title with their 43% abv “Schorschbock”. It beat out Brewdog’s “Sink the Bismarck” which had previously held the abv title for a scant few months at 41%. Though surely, Brewdog is preparing a counter strike as I write this.

Brewdog seems to have touched off this battle with their 2009 release of Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Penguin weighs in at 32% abv. Schorschbrau responded with a 32% version of Schorschbock to regain the abv title. 32% was pretty strong for 2009 but not so much in 2010 where 43% is the new standard.

Aside from some gratuitous publicity, what’s the point of this battle for abv supremacy?



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