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January 5, 2010

Hopslam Cometh

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Bell’s Brewery is shipping Hopslam to Indiana this week which is news of interest to many a craft beer enthusiast. This high abv, outrageously hopped beer is always highly anticipated during it’s one time release each January.

Here’s what I can tell you about the logistics of Hopslam’s arrival in Indiana.

1) We won’t have enough kegs to fill every order we get. Sorry. That means that Bell’s will be making some judgement calls on who gets kegs since there won’t be enough to go around. My apologies to those with kegerators, but Bell’s won’t be happy if we short a bar or restaurant that sells Bell’s beer all year just for an individual to enjoy it in his or her basement. But..

2) There will be plenty of cases out there starting late this week and into next week as retailer orders come in. We should be able to start making deliveries of Hopslam by Thursday, but some retailers won’t have orders to place until the following week. So there should be some Hopslam out and about this weekend, but you’ll really see the majority of it next week. And speaking of next week…

3) Barley Island in Broad Ripple will be holding their own Hopslam release party on Wednesday, January 13th at 6pm. Bell’s beer will be the guest feature beer all month, but on Jan 13 they’ll have a few special treats, including an Expedition Stout firkin – the first one in Indiana in a long, long time!

See you at Barley Island (corner of Broad Ripple Ave & College) next Wednesday!


Beer in the Pacific Northwest

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I’m on my way to Seattle and Portland for my first visit to the Pacific Northwest and all the beer goodness that awaits. I’m excited to see breweries I’ve admired from afar. Breweries like Rogue, Ninkasi and Hair of the Dog dance through my head and I know we’ll have some pleasant surprises elsewhere.

It’s got to be a fantastic trip. After all, Washington and Oregon are home to the vast majority of the American hop crop. Can anyone smell the Cascade hops?

It’s also a dramatically different sort of beer market from anything I’ve experienced previously. To put it in some perspective, Indiana’s craft beer share of the overall beer market is just a bit over 1%. Colorado, a favorite beer state of mine, is somewhere around 10%. Washington and Oregon get upwards of 25% and even more in some areas! It’s a region where the big craft brands like Pyramid can easily outsell the macro brands!

Beer heaven? We’ll see. One thing I do expect and hope to observe is what kinds of craft beers do well in such a mature craft beer market. Will there be a lot of extreme beers like Imperial IPAs and Strong Ales, or will the market focus be on more sessionable beers like American Ambers and American Wheats?

I can venture some guesses now based on what I know about the breweries out there, but I’ll withhold judgement until I get a much closer look.

I’ll let you know what I find! And I expect we’ll have some good pics and video to share soon.


December 30, 2009

Bell’s Hopslam Coming Soon

Bell's HopslamBell’s Hopslam will be making it’s annual appearance in Indiana in the next couple of weeks. This Imperial India Pale Ale is always sought after and will only be available for a short time.

We expect getting Hopslam six packs and kegs into the market by mid-January and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Bell’s only makes it one time a year.

This year, Barley Island’s new Broad Ripple Brew Pub located at 701 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, IN will be hosting their own version of a Hopslam release party on January 13th at 6pm. Bell’s will be the featured guest beer at Barley Island througout January with the release of Hopslam on the 13th and a few special surprises, including a possible appearance of an Expedition Stout firkin at the Hopslam release party on the 13th.

I’m an Expedition Stout fan and I cannot remember ever having a firkin of this beer in Indiana!


December 28, 2009

Beer Spy – It’s How You Find Beer

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World Class Beverages is a group of wholesalers that is dedicated to working directly for the consumer. That’s why we think that Beer Spy is such an important part of what we do.

Beer Spy can tell you where every beer we sell is available for sale. Simply find the beer that you’re looking for in Beer Spy, then enter your own zip code to find a retailer near you. It’s that simple.

As a wholesaler, we’re in a unique position to know where all the beer we sell goes and we’re happy to share that information directly with you! Beer Spy will also suggest food pairings and provide a brief description of the beer style that your favorite beer falls into.

December 24, 2009

Craft Beer World Coming to Indiana

Here it is Christmas Eve 2009 and as I sit in a quiet office this day it’s a great time to reflect on all the wonderful things that happened in the craft beer world in 2009, but even more exciting right now are the amazing things we have in store for us in 2010 as craft beer enthusiasts!

As I write, we fortunate enough to have seen the opening of the Barley Island brew pub in Broad Ripple. Immediately, this place became a favorite of mine with their own beers, guest beers and family friendly atmosphere (I have a lovely 16 month old daughter!) Upland Brewing also opened their Tap Room on the south side of Broad Ripple and Sun King Brewing opened their downtown facility filling growlers and samples of their terrific beers.

But 2010 promises even more great beer in Indiana and exciting events coming our way!


December 23, 2009

Mr. Beer Guy

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