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May 3, 2010

Let Us Help With Better Beer!

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Some of you may have seen this thread in the “Beer Talk and Questions” forum at If not, here’s an excerpt. The entire thread is located at

Is your beer store beer rep on top of his/her game?
Nothing annoys me more than going into a beer store and finding no one with any beer sense. Thats why it’s such a pleasure to talk shop with [Retailer Name Omitted]. I stopped in there last Friday and Kane talked my ear off about sours, brown ales (my fav) and a number of other styles. Where do u shop for craft brews and do u find the head beer guy to be a world of knowledge or just an empty suit?”

What’s my point? A craft and specialty beer wholesaler like World Class Beverages wants to help retailers understand beer. It’s imperative that there be some significant level of beer knowledge in a store, bar or restaurant that wants to place some emphasis on craft and specialty beers.

The level of beer knowledge in the general population keeps getting better and better. Bars, restaurants and beer retailers need to keep pace in order to be successful.

Don’t get me wrong, a distributor representative can’t be in the store all day selling beer. There’s just no substitute for having good people working in your store. But a good distributor should be able to offer training and educational resources to make a craft and specialty oriented store successful.

If you are a bar, restaurant or retailer looking for help in this area, ask your distributor for it. If you are a consumer looking to direct your favorite bar, restaurant or store to better beer, ask them for it.


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