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January 5, 2010

Beer in the Pacific Northwest

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I’m on my way to Seattle and Portland for my first visit to the Pacific Northwest and all the beer goodness that awaits. I’m excited to see breweries I’ve admired from afar. Breweries like Rogue, Ninkasi and Hair of the Dog dance through my head and I know we’ll have some pleasant surprises elsewhere.

It’s got to be a fantastic trip. After all, Washington and Oregon are home to the vast majority of the American hop crop. Can anyone smell the Cascade hops?

It’s also a dramatically different sort of beer market from anything I’ve experienced previously. To put it in some perspective, Indiana’s craft beer share of the overall beer market is just a bit over 1%. Colorado, a favorite beer state of mine, is somewhere around 10%. Washington and Oregon get upwards of 25% and even more in some areas! It’s a region where the big craft brands like Pyramid can easily outsell the macro brands!

Beer heaven? We’ll see. One thing I do expect and hope to observe is what kinds of craft beers do well in such a mature craft beer market. Will there be a lot of extreme beers like Imperial IPAs and Strong Ales, or will the market focus be on more sessionable beers like American Ambers and American Wheats?

I can venture some guesses now based on what I know about the breweries out there, but I’ll withhold judgement until I get a much closer look.

I’ll let you know what I find! And I expect we’ll have some good pics and video to share soon.



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