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December 24, 2009

Craft Beer World Coming to Indiana

Here it is Christmas Eve 2009 and as I sit in a quiet office this day it’s a great time to reflect on all the wonderful things that happened in the craft beer world in 2009, but even more exciting right now are the amazing things we have in store for us in 2010 as craft beer enthusiasts!

As I write, we fortunate enough to have seen the opening of the Barley Island brew pub in Broad Ripple. Immediately, this place became a favorite of mine with their own beers, guest beers and family friendly atmosphere (I have a lovely 16 month old daughter!) Upland Brewing also opened their Tap Room on the south side of Broad Ripple and Sun King Brewing opened their downtown facility filling growlers and samples of their terrific beers.

But 2010 promises even more great beer in Indiana and exciting events coming our way!

January 30th will see the second annual Brewers of Indiana Guild WinterFest. This event seemingly sprang from the Ale Fest of 2008 at the Murat downtown, which was a smashing success. In 2009 the Brewers of Indiana WinterFest took its place, bringing a huge crowd to the State Fairgrounds. In 2010 the Brewers Guild WinterFest promises more room for folks that were sadly turned away from the 2008 and 2009 events due to a lack of space.

After that, the biggest event in the craft brewing world is coming to Chicago, only a scant few miles from the Indiana border. Both the Craft Brewer’s Conference and the World Beer Cup will be held in downtown Chicago April 7 – 10, 2010. Despite being technically in Illinois, there are plenty of potential benefits to be had from having everyone in the craft beer industry right next door for several days. For starters, it will be easy for Indiana attendees to get to and beyond that, how many of those craft brewers and media types can we entice to visit little old Indiana for a day or so?

Later in 2010, July 1st is the release date of Rita Kohn’s book “True Brew.” “True Brew” tells many stories of the craft beer movement in Indiana. Knowing Rita, I know that her passion for great beer and Indiana will combine to make this a formidable account of the people and brewing culture in this state.

Then it’s on to the Brewers of Indiana MicroFest on July 17, 2010. This is the biggest of all the craft beer festivals in Indiana and I’ll hope for a reprise of last year’s Hopapalooza trailer!


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